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Water Recycle

We manufacture and offer various water recycle systems and plants to be used in industries and other places of maximum gains. The company also presents pressure filters to look after critical hydraulic components such as cylinders, motors and valves. Our pressure filters work wonder for swimming pools. Sand filters are offered to eliminate turbidity and suspended particles present in the feed. Theses filters carry the task with minimum pressure drop.

The reverse osmosis plant works on membrane desalination process and extensively utilized for purifying brackish or high TDS water that gets fine for drinking and industrial purposes. The water demineraliser process is executed to take out ions and dissolved solids and gases like sodium, calcium, magnesium (cations) and sulfates, alkalinity, chlorides etc.

The ultra filtration system has been manufactured on advanced separation technology and is used extensively in purifying water to take out impurities which include suspended solids. The offered Membrane Bio reactor treats sewage or industrial effluent and almost perfect for the hotels and commercial complexes. Such bio reactor is needed the best where high purity of treated water gets further usage into benefit and services in minimum spaces.

Our unique vehicle wash recycle system is best for proficient exclusion of oil, fuel, filterable solids like contamination from water.

Following types of Water Recycle Systems are offered by the company:
  • Pressure Filters
  • Continuous Sand Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Disinfection
  • Demineralisers
Water Recycle
Water Recycle
Water Recycle
Water Recycle